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UWC GB Health & Wellbeing

As well as selecting students to go to UWC, the committee also plays a role in supporting British students during their UWC experience.


It is part of the role of the welfare team to organise orientation and ensure students are as well prepared as possible for the UWC experience.  Orientation takes place mid-July each year and provides an opportunity for new students and their parents to meet up, get to know each other, ask all those questions and build confidence for the term ahead. More information can be found here.

Staying Connected

The welfare team tries to keep in contact with all GB students during their time at UWC.  Students are encouraged to keep in touch with 'buddies' - who are recent graduates and can provide practical advice, information and support based on their own real experience.  The welfare officer can also offer support and advice and be a link between colleges, students and parents if needed. 

We keep an eye on you, too!

Students are selected to represent Great Britain at their college - whether  'at home' or internationally and, as part of orientation they are also reminded of the UWC code of conduct and the National Committee's hope that they will represent themselves and their fellow GB students well in all aspects of UWC life.  Colleges send termly reports on all students both to parents and to the National Committee and we also hope that students will let us know how they are getting on too. 

All the colleges have well established pastoral care and support systems and most students thrive during their 2 years at UWC.  But anyone can have a crisis of confidence or a local difficulty that they don't seem to be able to resolve within the college and, if this happens, the welfare team can try to help out before anything becomes too stressful. We can also act as mediators and can take up issues with the college on their behalf. If you need support during your time at a UWC, then feel free to contact the welfare office at any point at