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Fees and Scholarships

The National Committee assesses students for places at UWC on the basis of merit and their assessed potential to thrive at a UWC. Nominations are based on a selection process which is ‘needs blind’. This means that even if you submit a financial assessment form, the assessment team will not see this information. We have limited funds but are able to provide some financial assistance to support students who might otherwise not be able to take up their places.

During the selection process for British students, our Finance Team assess each family’s financial need and award financial support where possible.  The funds available for this support are provided by the colleges and are thanks to the generosity of donors, foundations, private individuals and alumni – and vary from year to year.  Bursaries are allocated on a needs basis.

The level of support is calculated through a means testing procedure. Not all applicants will be eligible for scholarship funding and so the majority of successful applicants will be asked to make a significant contribution towards the costs of their place or pay full fees. The amount of funding support available will always be specified at the same time as a place is offered.

The full fees for each college can be found by contacting or by contacting the college directly.
Whilst we appreciate that cost can often be a major consideration, we would not like anyone to be deterred from applying for financial reasons. We would urge parents/guardians to explore and discuss all funding options if their young person is successful in the applications process and offered a place at a UWC.