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Information for Educators

What is UWC?

UWC, or United World Colleges, is an international educational movement that aims to foster peace, sustainability and cultural understanding through education. Founded in 1962, UWC comprises a network of boarding sixth-form colleges around the world. These institutions bring together students from diverse cultural backgrounds, providing a challenging and holistic education that emphasises intercultural understanding, social responsibility, and personal development. UWC seeks to inspire its students to become compassionate, empathetic leaders committed to making a positive impact on the global community. Our generous donors help to fund many students’ UWC education, allowing this experience to be accessible for all, and to give every eligible student the opportunity to study at one of our colleges. 

Is the next UWC student sitting in your class?

As an educator, you are likely working with students daily who would be an ideal match for UWC, without even knowing it! Those who seek challenge, who are idealistic, inquisitive, and who have a broad academic interest, who want to make positive changes in the world, and who are maybe already doing so. 

This student won’t ever look the same - it could be the one who is constantly asking questions and positively challenging the status quo, or the one who has a genuine interest in the scientific world around us, actively trying to find solutions for the climate crisis, or the student who leads the student council and starts changemaking initiatives in the school and local community. 

UWC Great Britain look for students who are:

  • Have the desire and potential to help change the world for the better;
  • Proactively pursuing results when tackling global challenges;
  • Resilient in the face of setbacks and difficulties;
  • Willing to both listen to and share ideas and perspectives;
  • Curious about other cultures, countries and the world around them;
  • Have a broad academic interest to undertake the demands of the International Baccalaureate. 

We need you to help us find these students and give them the opportunity to complete their sixth form studies at United World Colleges. 

Why should I recommend UWC to my students?

The British education system is not one that caters to all, often not providing enough challenge for the most curious of students, and not providing enough opportunities for the gifted. An education based solely on examinations and textbooks may not be enough to cater for students with big ideas to make the world a better place, which is where UWC is able to step in. 

UWC offers academic rigour alongside opportunities to put these big thoughts into a tangible reality, to help guide and support our changemakers of tomorrow to create the reality our world needs. It provides a comfortable environment for students to express their creativity, be independent and to open up a future of opportunity that will change their lives forever. 

It is in our role as educators to give students all resources necessary to thrive in their academic and professional futures - could UWC be the pathway for some of your students? 

Picture of UWC students

What UWC can offer your students

UWC schools are like no other. Spread across four continents, with a desire for sustainability and peace, and the tools to achieve this, United World Colleges offer an extraordinary education for its students. 

With staff and educators just as diverse as the student body, with experience in global networks and academia, they are able to present new ideas and perspectives to our students, to empower them to tackle issues in their community and beyond. 

We believe in deliberate diversity as a strength students can learn from. They share their UWC experience with other students from all over the world, bringing with them different backgrounds, different perspectives and different ideas. 

More than 80% of our students receive scholarships to pay their tuition in part, or in full, because we believe all young people should have access to a high quality education, regardless of their socio-economic background.
A UWC education does not fit every student. But for many, it’s life-changing. And you may already know someone who’ll benefit.

A learning experience - for everyone

UWC students are inspired to create community projects and participate in outreach activities. They’re also pushed to greater heights by an International Baccalaureate Diploma education that offers them a strong foundation in many subjects, while teaching them skills such as research, time-management, working in a team, and being able to think critically.

But it’s not just the students that learn in this diverse, challenging, yet welcoming environment. It’s also the teachers. By students living in close proximity to their teachers, they build bonds, relationships and learn from each other. Our educators listen to the priorities of their students, and learn from their experiences also. 

Find out how the UWC experience helps everyone to develop different approaches, and see the world differently: “What are UWC teachers learning in school?”

Join the movement

UWC wouldn’t work without its talented, committed and supportive educators.

If you like the sound of UWC, and want to work or volunteer at one of our schools or colleges, please visit the UWC International website to find out about current opportunities.