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UWC GB presents 'Zoom In On UWC!'

About 'Zoom In On UWC!':

Zoom In On UWC is a programme of live online information, presentation and question and answer webinars that are designed to give you an inside look at all aspects of UWC life and the application process to get there. All the webinars will take place using Zoom and will run throughout the year on various Thursday evenings, up to the application deadline for new students.

Designed for prospective students, parents or anyone interested to learn more about UWC, these sessions are hosted by UWC Great Britain, the organisation that selects students from Great Britain to attend the 18 different UWC schools each year.

At each session you will have the opportunity to hear from current students, parents, alumni of UWC and members of UWC Great Britain and to ask them any questions you may have.

'Zoom In On UWC!' Webinar Schedule: 
  • 25th July - What Is UWC?
  • 8th August - UWC Application Process
  • 22nd August - What Is UWC?
  • 5th September - UWC Application Process 
  • 19th September - Scholarships and Funding 
  • 3rd October - What Is UWC?
  • 17th October - UWC Application Process 
  • 31st October - Scholarships and Funding 
  • 2nd November - Last Minute Application Q&A
'Zoom In On UWC!' Webinar Format: 

Our Zoom In On UWC webinars will run throughout the year up until the application deadline for new students.

Each webinar will be focused on different topics about UWC and the process of applying. These topics will be repeated in cycles, to allow everyone the opportunity to attend each webinar topic and ask questions. You can check the schedule of upcoming webinars above.

At each webinar our hosts will welcome all the attendees, introduce the guest speakers (current students, alumni and parents) and explain the format for the webinar and how to ask questions. There will an introductory presentation which will cover the most frequently asked questions for each webinar topic, after which the hosts will open the floor up to attendees to ask additional questions.

For the final part of the webinar, the attendees and guest speakers will be divided up into smaller breakout rooms, to allow for a more personal opportunity to chat and ask further questions.

'Zoom In On UWC!' Webinar Topics 

Each webinar will focus on one of the topics below:

  • What Is UWC? - This is the starting point for anyone interested in learning more about UWC. We will cover everything from the structure and ethos of UWC to life at each of the 18 different international colleges through academics and extracurriculars.
  • UWC Application Process - For anyone who wants to apply to UWC, this webinar will give an entire overview of the selections process including the different application and assessment stages. Definitely attend this session if you want to make sure you are ready to apply!
  • Scholarships and Funding - This webinar will give you an introduction to the various fees and funding requirements for the different colleges as well as more information on how our scholarship programme works. We highly recommend parents take part in this session as you will learn lots of important information you may need.
  • UWC Application Q&A - As we get closer to the opening of applications for anyone wanting to apply to UWC, this webinar will give you an introduction and breakdown of the first steps of the applications process - community conversations and the application form. We will be there to help make sure you understand what is required for you to write the best application form answers possible and also to help deal with any troubleshooting questions - we highly suggest you don't miss this session!