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History of UWC GB

Great Britain founded United World College, therefore from 1962 until the early 2000’s Atlantic College selected British students to attend UWC’s all around the world.  As an increasing number of National Committees were set up to select students, a group of UWC graduates felt that there should be a National Committee in Great Britain. From the early 2000’s this group of graduates worked with Atlantic College to select British students.

UWC Great Britain was set up as an independent National Committee in 2004.  UWC Great Britain is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.  We are responsible for selecting students and preparing them and their families for their UWC journey.   UWC Great Britain also plays a role in supporting students while they are at a UWC and seeks to keep them engaged in the UWC movement in the United Kingdom once they graduate.  

UWC Great Britain has an executive of around 14, who run the National Committee as well as being charity trustees and company directors.  They are responsible for the proper running of the charity and directing the activities of the National Committee. They are all volunteers who are either graduates of a UWC or parents of a UWC graduate and are elected by the membership of the charity at an AGM.  Membership is open to UWC students and graduates who represented Great Britain or who currently live in the UK and their parents. We encourage you to sign up to have a say in the running of UWC Great Britain and to support the National Committee.

Running a National Committee, particularly one that sends as many students as UWC Great Britain does, is hard work.  The National Committee in Great Britain would not exist without the volunteers who undertake many tasks in the selections cycle, publicity, fundraising, finance, orientation, welfare, alumni engagement, governance and many other areas.     

We always need help to spread the UWC ideals.  We expect graduates to give back to the National Committee by getting involved and undertaking approximately 20 hours of service with the National Committee across their time at UWC.  There are many ways to get involved, and you will be given more information about this at Orientation. At the very least, we expect students to give presentations to their former schools or activity groups to encourage applications in future years.  There are also many opportunities to get involved in other areas. If you have ideas about this, we’d love to hear from you!

As well as current students and recent graduates, we welcome and encourage parents and graduates from whatever generation to get involved as volunteers.  Many graduates and parents have professional or other skills that are invaluable to the running of the National Committee and you can give as much or as little time as you are able to. 

If you want to help or have specific skills you can offer, please get in touch!