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Become a Member of UWC Great Britain

Becoming a Member of UWC Great Britain helps support our National Committee. It allows you to be more involved in our work as we will keep you to up to date with everything that we do, and let you know how you can help!

There are two types of Membership with UWC Great Britain.

  • Full Membership allows you to vote at our AGMs and have an important say in the direction of the Committee. Full Membership is open to:
    • Alumni of United World Colleges
    • Parents/guardians of current students or alumni of United World Colleges
  • Associate Membership is for anyone who does not qualify to be a Full Member. Current UWC students and staff are only eligible for Associate Membership. As an Associate Member you will still be kept up to date with everything we do, and how you can help.

Becoming a part of UWC Great Britain, whether as a Full Member or Associate Member, is a great and easy way for you to to begin supporting us and the work we do!

To apply for either Membership, click on the Sign Up Form here: