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Arunananda Mukherjee

14 September 2018

IB Diploma Coordinator

Dr. Arunananda Mukherjee, originally from India, has been teaching Physics since 1993 in a variety of environments in the most reputed schools in India, Kuwait, Malaysia and currently, China. 

Arun is a successful IB Educator, IB Diploma Programme Workshop Leader for Extended Essay and Physics, and School Visit Team Member for Authorization and Evaluation. In addition to those, he is also IBDP Online Workshop Leader. Arun is also a leader trained to facilitate ‘learn2facilitate’ workshop, which is a training for new Online Workshop Leaders. He is a Senior Moderator for Internal Assessment and Extended Essay for IBDP Physics. He is also a Senior Examiner and Team Leader for IBDP Exams in his own area. Recently, he has been promoted as a member of the Standardisation Committee of Physics for IBDP Examinations. He brings an unparalleled expertise in the International Baccalaureate system to the school. His work with IB has given him a better understanding of the IB Philosophy and holistic approach to the curriculum.

Arun has obtained his Undergraduate, Post-Graduate and Ph.D in Physics from Visva Bharati University, India. His research work was mainly based on Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics (SUSYQM) and he has many publications of his research in International Physics Journals during his Ph.D. Also, he received his teaching certificate from Nottingham University. 

He is intrigued by music, especially of the Indian and Western Classical genres. He loves visiting different places and deeply wants to learn about cultures of different communities around the World. 

Arun believes that school should be a place where students should feel comfortable and can extend their knowledge without any fear. Students also can explore many aspects of life so that they can achieve their dreams. Hence peace in life.