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 Applications for 2020 entry are now open. 

Thank you for choosing to apply to United World Colleges. We are excited to have you as an applicant, and wish you every success. 

This section contains important information regarding the application process. Please read it carefully. If you have any questions, please contact and we will do our best to answer them as quickly as we can.

Please allow 3-4 hours in total to complete this application. You can save the application at any time and come back to it later.


You are applying to study at one of 18 United World Colleges for two years, which will see you gain an International Baccalaureate Diploma. This is equivalent to an A-Level in the UK. This is the first of two stages of the selections process. You will be required to answer a number of questions about yourself, write three short essays, and provide us with references from your teacher and activity leader. These will then be assessed by us, and a number of candidates will be selected.
The application form, as well as all references, must be in English. We will not accept applications written in Welsh or any other language. We will also not accept any references that are not in English. 

Should you pass this stage, you will be invited to the second stage of selections, which will involve you attending an assessment day at UWC Atlantic College in South Wales in December 2019, where we will interview you in person. At that point in time you will also be asked to choose a list of colleges you wish to be considered for. The UWC National Committee of Great Britain will then allocate the successful applicants to colleges around March 2020. Students will then attend their UWCs from September 2020 (or January 2021 in the case of Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa).


Your and your family’s financial situation will not influence the selections process. We do have some financial aid available, however, this will only cover a portion of the school fees. In most cases, we will not be able to cover the costs of transport to/from your college, or any other related expenditure (e.g. health insurance, laptop). 


·         Applicants must be at least 16 years of age by 1 August 2020 (or 22 January 2021 for Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa).

·         Applicants must be at most 18 years of age by 1 August 2020 (or 22 January 2021 for Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa).

·         Some colleges may consider slightly older students. The decision to admit older students is at their sole discretion.


We will need one of your parents or guardians to fill out the parental consent form which forms part of this application.


The fee for applying to United World Colleges through the UWC National Committee of Great Britain for 2020 entry is £100. The National Committee is a charity, and your application fee will go towards processing your application, and towards running the assessment. This means the fee is non-refundable even if your application is not successful. Please contact us at if you feel this fee would prevent you from applying to UWC, and we will consider your options.


The deadline for submitting your application is the 18th October 2019 at 23:59. We will only assess your application if by that point:

·         You have filled out all sections of the application;

·         Your parents/guardians have sent us their consent form;

·         You have paid the £100 application fee;

·         You have clicked ‘Submit’ at the end of the application and have received a confirmation email from us.

We acknowledge that your teachers and activity leaders are busy people, and we will therefore accept and process applications without a completed academic or activity reference. However, we will need your referees to submit these at some point. We will send out reminders to them on a regular basis until they have sent them in. We may also ask you to prompt your referees if they don’t respond to our reminders.